Fintribe Agency Banking Service

Agency Banking Solutions For Business Growth

Fintribe provides access to financial solutions that allow you to make payments, access loans and manage your operations in one platform


Bill Payment

Pay your Bills, Buy Airtime, Buy Data al in one platform on your mobile phone.

Open Account

Open bank accounts for customers from your mobile device.

Card Linking

Link blank debit cards to a customer’s bank account.


Agents can deposit funds into a customer’s bank account.


Agents can help customer’s withdraw money from their bank account.

Transfer Funds

Link blank debit cards to a customer’s bank account.

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Fintribe creates a seamless agency banking ecosystem for easy payments, management and complete control over operations

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Fast and Secure Payments

Fintribe integrates with different payment channels e.g, POS to perform financial operations such as pool account operations, cash/card withdrawals, cash deposits, fund transfers.

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Open Bank Accounts & Link ATM Cards

Fintribe provides a one-stop shop of users to open accounts and link blank debit cards all from their mobile device

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Track & Monitor Your Funds With Reports

Fintribe enables agents to track transaction breakdowns, transaction volume, and transaction history and generate well-detailed reports.

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Take Control & Manage Your Business With The Backend Portal

A bird’s eye view of all the activities on the platform and manage operations such as Pricing Settings, Agent manager creation, User Creation, Performance tracking.

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